Team Umizoomi

Cake Pops

And Cupcakes

We contributed to the Helium shortage... oops.

Isabel was fascinated with Papa's tic tacs.

Still very unsure of birthdays, no singing, no blowing out of candles.

Gifts are still acceptable

Seeing the BIG gift from everyone...


The back needed to be full...

Happy 4 year old.

Thanks to Aunt Corryn for taking some of the pictures so Mom could enjoy.  :)

The previous two weeks have been a little hectic.  The first weekend in May we had a garage sale.  A lot of prep time for that filled up my time and then the sale was kind of  ho-hum.  Then last weekend we had Ethan's 4th birthday party.  So the week leading up to that was crazy.  Plus, I had to testify in court that week as well.  Talk about added stress.  I had avoided it for 5 years.  I was, however, very curious about the courtrooms.  I had never been in one of them.   I felt really unprepared and then was cross examined which I didn't know would happen either. 

Another big change at work has had me going to several county committee meetings and now that everything is approved, add another large project to my load at work.  I am quite nervous about getting everything I need to done this summer.  Thank goodness I will have an intern helping me out starting next week. 

Life does not seem to be slowing down at all though as we need to finish up our bathroom and get the house ready to hopefully put on the market soon.

I need a vacation....

 Squee!  I am so excited for the new series starting May 6th.  I loved Series 1.  It was very puzzle-rific.  Mostly I am not a huge fan of mystery/who done it type stuff. But I adore the characters of Sherlock and Watson as brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.  (Both are currently shooting big budget franchise movies "Star Trek 2" and "The Hobbit," respectively).

Can't wait!

I share Ethanisms on Facebook. These are little innocent things my almost four year old (eek) says that make his Mommy giggle. His good friend at daycare said one to me today. He came up to me and said "Lauren, Lauren, look at my elbow!" (Said elbow was scraped up fairly badly). "I found the cement!" I'm sure his parents said this to him, but I found it hilarious none the less.

I visit day care significantly more than other mom's since I stop by at lunch to feed Isabel. They are usually eating but enjoy having me show them pics of Ethan and Isabel on my phone or telling me about their day. Or most often what Ethan did to them. Oops... ;)


Apologies for the all caps, but I thought it was well deserved. I am going to attempt to blog more and not just pictures. Actual writing will commence. We'll see. This will probably last all of one week. I admit I have been very Facebook, facebook, facebook, but frankly there are some things I would like to write about that I don't want a person I barely knew in high school reading about. Shocking, I know. Also, Facebook really frowns on you being this ramble-y with your words.

Anyway, dreams.

I haven't remembered a dream in probably about a year. I was listening to a podcast about dreaming and thought, "I rarely dream." Lies. They say everyone dreams, every night. You just don't remember. So i told myself this past weekend I was going to remember my dreams. Ha, like that will work! Um, so, ya, it totally did. I have remembered my dreams the past four nights. They slip away soon after waking, but I know I have remembered. I can only recall now one part of my dream that happened the very first night, mostly because it was totally awesome.

Somehow, my brother and I had discovered how to travel through time using a video game system. We had gone back in time. It was not very far, say 1993 or so. The only problem was someone back in 2012 had to bring us back using the video game system. This totally sounds like some cheesy movie that makes less than it's budget back. ;) And that is why it is awesome.

Here's to more cheesy movie screenplay idea dreams.


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